The Keys of Becoming a Professional Writer

Make Blogging a Habit


Over the years of social media and the internet, we have realized the true advantages of blogging and writing, of presenting our leadership thoughts in front of the world.

There’s actually nothing as helpful as good and regular blogging, when we want to be seen as leader and expert in our field.

We can do what we want, we can read as many books or watch as many lectures out there, there is nothing that even begins to compare with corporate blogging.



Too often we try to emulate the routines or rituals of successful leaders, try to copy their path.

Problem is, we cannot escape ourselves.

We must go our way, not other people’s way.


Learn to write daily, make blogging a habit!


  1. Focus

a) Build a foundation for blogging

b) Build a blogging presence

c) Concentrate on your content

d) Write about your products / service

e) Put yourself out there

f) Define quality

g) Strategize for success


2. Organize and Create

a) Write a to-do-list

b) Write in a journal

c) Work on something important, on new projects


3. Take Care of Yourself

a) Regularly drink water / and coffee

b) Eat healthy (vegetables, salad, legumes, whole-wheat, …)

c) Take a short nap or meditate some minutes during the day

d) Take a walk outside, whenever it is possible (fresh air, energy, for inspiration)

e) Don’t go to bed too late!

f) Before going to bed, review the day!


Give your company a “human touch”. Let your CEO and your employees talk in a blog. Communicate authentic, open and interactive.

People expect professional engagement by companies. The times of testing social media and blogging are over.

Expectations have increased. Customers are better informed and more competent.

Only blogging from time to time is not enough anymore.

And a perfect presentation in social media is a must.



Regular blogging cannot be ignored anymore.

Blogging is part of the marketing communication.



1.) Engage with people in the social networks

2.) Motivate people for your case

3.) Deepen relationships and develop trust

4.) Communicate effectively

5.) Learn from others on social media

6.) Share offers and incitate marketing


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