The Keys of Becoming a Professional Writer

It’s not about trends, it’s about your life



Today’s ever-changing and fast paced world can be overwhelming. Social media and the internet offer unique and inspiring chances, and we are steadily “flooded” with the latest information and trends. Nothing stays static for long and we are steadily in temptation to test tools, technology and new solutions.

We are hungry to get to know new things, new ideas, new information.

Now we could assume that these trends and new solutions paint the portrait of our lives, when they have such power.


I herewith ask you: Who is painting the portrait of your life?

The answer hopefully is not: Social media, the internet and its trends.


When you live intentionally, it’s not about trends, it’s about your life, your purpose.


Problem is, we are steadily distracted by these trends, by the newest technology, that we forget to look for our purpose, to find our purpose.


What is your purpose?

This is a question, that only YOU can answer.


It’s never too late to think about the own purpose.

Begin now!


A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for. – William Shedd

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