The Keys of Becoming a Professional Writer

Did Hemingway ever hunt his audience?



Let us be honest:

How many authors and writers in former times ( Ernest Hemingway, Walt Whitman, Virginia Woolf, John Steinbeck, and many more) aimed on having 100.000 followers on Twitter?

Silly question?

You laugh now! I laugh, too. 🙂


There are so many people in our digital world, that permanently market the own blogging, writing and publishing skills with the premise to reach a huge amount of followers on the networks and then have outstanding success as author.


Now let’s discuss:


A writer, an author, needs an audience.

What is an audience?

And how do we reach an audience, or better our own audience?

In the beginning it is not important, how big our audience really is.

Even 10 people make an audience.


I believe book marketing, or marketing for writers, has a real problem.

A book or our writing is a conversation, that the author has with his audience or his target group.

The author has written the book or has done his job with a certain message.

Not with aiming on Twitter followers!


Ernest Hemingway did not aim on Twitter followers!

He simply trusted his passion, his motivation and his abilities.

He had the conversation, he tried to bring over his message to the world.


A book is a conversation between two people who don’t know each other well, or not so well.

A book transports messages for the reader.

~ Karin Sebelin


A writer’s work is the reflection of everything he does and says, everything that is written and published.

We can sum it up:

Marketing is no conversation – Branding is. ~ Karin Sebelin


Now you ask certainly:


When marketing and aiming on a great following on social media is not the key to success for a writer, what is the key?

The key is spreading the own message, trying to get to know people, trying to understand their problems, desires and needs and having a genuine interest in them.


In the end, it is about trust.


Give trust to others, that others learn to trust you, too.

And this trust comes from empathy and really caring for others.

Trust increases as we get to know each other better.








Writers or brands who really win are those who have a heart and who care for their audience.

They genuinely seek to help people to improve their lives through their content, their expertise, their passion and, if they are lucky, through the stuff they sell.



First comes branding, then marketing.

In the end it is about marketing… a writer is able to better sell his work.



Great writers are passionate teachers, giving away their expertise with the hope that they are helping people.

They aim on teaching a lesson, a message.

Through that they establish trust, and build an audience of people who believe in them and in their work.



Branding is a judgement, a sentiment, a feeling, that is created by the sum of all the interactions we have with a writer.

Through experiences and these interactions people have a certain image of a brand, of a writer.



Promotion and propaganda for writers don’t work in today’s world.



Being motivated and showing passion to others for the own work comes over.

People feel that and they are “infected” by this passion.



People read and follow writers and brands, they know, like and trust!



The 4 Keys to Effective Branding


  • Start with the right mindset for a brand. Your work is your brand. Everything you do around your work, even your personal appearance stands for your brand. You and your work reflect your brand.
  • Are you committed to success? What does success mean to you? Will you follow through and persevere when times get tough?
  • What is that makes you and your work unique? In what field are you an expert?
  • Is your content helpful and a great resource for others? Deliver real value, the kind of “stuff” people would pay for. How can you solve peoples’ problems? Offer solutions for others.
  • Be generous and have a heart. Give free and with warm hands.


And next time, when you dream of becoming a great writer with a huge following in the networks, ask yourself:


Why should anyone be led by me?

Am I a hunter for people or a writer?

Do I hunt email lists, and clients?

Or do I stand for my message, my story, my work?


Then read this article again and learn!


Questions, no problem, I am here for you!


My goal is to work with you.


I bring your brand as writer to success.


( Karin Sebelin )


I am Karin Sebelin, cross-cultural leadership and branding expert from Germany, your personal coach for bringing your personality to success.

I am a professional writer, author of 2 German children’s books, and co-author in an anthology, and the author of

Trust …. the only kind of influence that really matters


How can I help you?

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