The Keys of Becoming a Professional Writer

(Copy)editing and the Self-Publishing Revolution

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A revolution is not a bed of roses. A revolution is a struggle to death between the future and the past. – Fidel Castro, January 5, 1961


Many people believe that writing a book is mystical.

Dream on.

The key to writing is the willingness to grind, polish and bring your manuscript to perfection. Even under lousy circumstances (you must not sit on a windswept beach – you can even write in coffee shops, hotel rooms or airport terminals).


There is no shortcut to awesome. – Zoe Winters


Read what you have written out loud. Read your book to yourself or, even better, read it to someone who cares about your writing career.


Try to read your own work as a stranger would read it, or even better, as an enemy would. – Zadie Smith


See this editing process like your favorite stage of your book.

The key to a great book is editing – grinding, buffing, and polishing – not writing.



Publishing a book, whether a traditional publisher does it, or you do it yourself, requires two kinds of editing:

  1. Content editing helps you make your book more appealing, by changing the structure, content, and style of your manuscript
  2. Copyediting turns an amateurish book into a polished and professional one, by looking after grammar, style and punctuation

A high-quality book requires extensive copyediting.

If you think you’re the first author in the history of mankind who does not need a copyeditor, you think false! Everyone needs a copyeditor!



Send the first complete draft of your manuscript to your inner circle of five to ten people (family, friends, coworkers, … ) and trust their judgment.


Search for niche communities – on the Internet there’s a community for everything. Look for authors seeking feedback and readers willing to give it. Join communities and ask for feedback. First, search for keywords on Google+ and Facebook that describe your genre and join these circles and groups. Ask people to read your manuscript.


Do some crowdsourcing work. For this you need at least five hundred followers. Ask your followers on Google+, Facebook and Twitter to provide feedback from the beginning to end of the publishing process. Ask who is interested in helping you bringing in some ideas, helping with the editing and copyediting process. Send them a Word file of the manuscript after turning on “Highlight Changes” so that it is easy to find their comments afterwards.


In the end you still need someone professional to review your manuscript, optimize your content with a professional eye, and kill every typographical, grammatical and factual error.

Appearance is everything

If you’ve come this far, written your book, invested many hours in your book, don’t blow it now! The whole point of self-publishing is to produce a book faster, better, and cheaper than a traditional publisher.

A good editor, and copyeditor, they give your book the needed attractiveness, professionalism and marketability.



We all need an editor.

I’m not only talking about an editor in the traditional sense of someone who corrects your grammar or your style, or your punctuation.

I’m also talking about an expert who can edit with regard to clarity and consistency.

Are you writing in a manner that makes sense? Do your sentences make sense?

It is false, to just begin with a content analysis, without any sense.

We all need a special editor, a content analyst and I am here for YOU.

I am your personal (copy)editor.



I have provided ideas and edited Guy Kawasaki’s book “APE” together with other qualified people from social media (Acknowledgments in Guy Kawasaki’s book).


We are here to assist you in your efforts.

As content analyst we help you to create best results with your content.


We analyze your content, edit and give advice for optimization.

With me you have more success with your readers, as brand and as entrepreneur.



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