The Keys of Becoming a Professional Writer

Content and a Generation of “me-formers”

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About 50 percent of what people talk about on social media is “me” focused, or even “egoistic”. Sometimes it’s more than just vanity. People simply love to talk about themselves. Studies have shown that the power to share about ourselves is so important that people are actually willing to pay money for it. Rutgers University researchers classify 80 percent of all Twitter users as “me-formers” (people who tweet mainly about themselves).

How do you engage on social media?

Do you belong to these “me-formers”?

Do you follow a wave of euphoric “me-talk” in order to get your content, products, and brand into a powerful dialogue?


I recommend here three key strategies that help you create social currency. They give you a way to make yourself look good while promoting you and your ideas.


  • Identify your inner remarkability: People like to share information that is remarkable and talking about remarkable things makes people feel remarkable. We all want to be liked. There is a big desire for social approval in our world. Sharing something extraordinary makes people seem more extraordinary. The key to finding your certain remarkability is to think about what makes you surprising or interesting. What makes you different from all the others competing for your position, for your brand? Don’t forget that it’s all about authenticity. Being unique and different should not mean fake. Being different is being honest about who you are and how you’re perceived.


A great man is one sentence. – Clare Booth Luce

Always remember that you are unique. Just like everybody else. –


  • Help people achieve something with your content: Achieving status helps generate social currency and social sharing.


  • Make it exclusive: How do you use exclusivity – holding content back – to your advantage? Think of that: Information is abundant and almost any content can easily be found for free. There is always someone out there who is willing to provide the same webinar, video or eBook for nothing, and with that destroying your idea of a scarce resource. Scarcity and exclusivity boost word of mouth and people feel like insiders. They feel special. And because of that, they’ll not only like the service or product more, but tell others about that. Having insider knowledge is social currency. Understand that value matters! And don’t shortchange yourself, because your job is your passion! If you’re bringing significant experience, insight and expertise to the job, then aim high and negotiate from there! Own your role!


If you don’t see yourself as a writer, coach, chef or designer, no one else will either. – Karin Sebelin


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