The Keys of Becoming a Professional Writer

Are you a blockhead?

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Young woman with writer’s block sitting in office at desk …



For every writer and author this is hell:

Having a writer’s block.

Having no ideas.

Having no motivation.

Having no hope to end the desired quality.


No chance.


But there is good news!

Each successful author once has experienced a writer’s block.

… and each successful author has found a way to handle such a situation.


The bad news?

There is no universal solution, that works for everyone.


But there a methods, that can help you.


First you must know the reasons for your writer’s block.


Ask yourself:


1.) Is it perfectionism?

Don’t fall into the trap of seeing perfectionism as the way to success.

Write without perfectionism!

Important is that you write!


2.) Fear of past success

You have already written a successful post.

Now you fear not to reach the same success anymore.

Don’t let fear become your permanent companion!


3.) Fear of rejection

You fear being rejected?

You doubt that your readers are interested in your work?

Be courageous!

Don’t shun criticism … seek it!


4.) Too many ideas and problems to decide 

You have too many ideas for an article and cannot decide which one to choose?

Ask your readers, what they like!

They will be thankful, that you validate them.


5.) Boring routine

You write regularly and with success, but on the long run you are bored by the process of writing.

Find ways that you enjoy writing!


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