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Hi. I’m Karin Sebelin, author of two German children’s books, a German anthology (as co-author),
the English guide “Trust … the only kind of influence that really matters” and the English eBook “THE ETHICAL ENTREPRENEUR”.


I started my business as freelance journalist, editor and CEO of Presse-Service Karin Sebelin.
Through my language skills and expertise I had great success on the English business platform Ecademy, where I joined with an English press release.

Read my branding story and be inspired about my huge success!


When you look for the right coach to teach you the S E C R E T S and The Keys of Becoming a Professional Writer and bringing your brand to success, then I am the right person. Then you should work with me!

Working now on brand management, and having the needed experience and success on writing, editing and book publishing, you can rely on me.

In the meantime, I write articles as columnist, too, that you can be sure being in good hands of a creative person with a wide-ranged expertise.


And when you look for the right coach to teach you everything what is to learn about T R U S T, how to handle trust in business and how to achieve trust and success, you should also work with me!


Download our free Ebook: Trust needs a new thinking … a new culture.

My book about TRUST shows a new path.


On this blog, I share my reflections and advice on writing, on life as an author and on success. This page will give you a short survey what to expect.


  • Your words matter
  • Everyone has a story to tell
  • Good work deserves an audience
  • Everyone deserves trust and success  
  • Everyone has abilities others don’t have
  • Skills should be revealed and further developed 
  • Weaknesses block the own personality and success 


I’ve been writing now since several years, and I have asked me too often:

  • What are the elements of good and professional writing?
  • Is passion and enthusiasm enough for good writing?
  • How could I help other people becoming a good and professional writer?


What I found in my answers was too convincing, that I felt me encouraged to teach people how to become a professional writer.

Seeing people struggle was a sign for me.


If you have a passion and love for writing, then this place is ideal for you.

And even when you are insecure, whether writing is the right field for you, don’t be shy, take heart and trust our guidance.


We are here to assist you in your efforts.

As content analyst we help you to create best results with your content. We help you become successful as brand and entrepreneur.



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You want to know what people are saying about me, then let’s read some testimonials:


“Mrs. Karin has exceptional writing, PR and communication skills. I have worked with her on one project and was impressed with her meticulous work and promptness.”

~ Dr. Prem, Dr., Award Winning Leader, Speaker & Influencer | MD & CEO – Dr Prem & Associates – | 50+Websites & 30+Guides


“Karin is first and foremost a friend. When we first met online we knew we thought alike. I was then taking my first steps on a new journey in my life and I was somewhat overwhelmed. Karin proved to be not just a friend and a coach but the very definition of the word “mentor”. We’ve had long correspondences and talks on the phone (long distance mind you! language and geography are no barrier to this amazing woman!) and she managed to guide me, calm me, give me precious and priceless advice for my career choice and most importantly the empowerment I needed, that “nudge” I needed to believe in myself, in my values and to do business the way it should be done, and the way Karin does it too – with Integrity, Empathy and Authenticity. No matter what junction in your life you are standing at, I strongly recommend consulting with Karin before you make a choice of direction!”

~ Elinor Cohen, Co Founder, Engagement Strategist at The Engagement Strategy Group


“Karin and I have both spent a lot of time in the social media realm together and I must say she is one of the people I admire most. Karin is very passionate, energetic, focused and dedicated to professionalism. I respect her enormous ability to connect and work with huge numbers of people, whilst maintaining a standard of delivering her best at all times! I can highly recommend Karin to anyone looking for someone with her skill-set.”

~ Zbynek Krysela, Social Media Marketing | Security Solutions | Digital Art


“Karin is an outstanding, well respected entrepreneur, author and networking friend!
She is passionate, authentic with a superior ability to interact with a broad spectrum of individuals – inspiring the best in them. Her generosity of spirit coupled with her infinite breadth of knowledge is unique and treasured!”

~ Sadie Murray, Entrepreneur – Leadership Development & Innovation


“Karin is a supremely networked and insightful person. Through her outstanding work she is able to connect groups of people from seemingly diverse walks of life.
Karin is committed, compassionate, well respected by her peers, one of my trusted sources and this is why she has my highest recommendation.

~ Jan Gordon, CEO of Curatti


Karin Sebelin is a passionate journalist, texter, editor and translator. She understands social media very well and is very supportive and collaborative for others.
She has a great understanding for people and their needs

~ Lawrence Perry, Clinically speaking and writing media


Karin is a very enthusiastic Internet writer who knows how to engage people and create visibility and awareness. She has proved this by moving into the lead position in the Ecademy scoring system in a very short time.

~ Tim O’Donnell, Director presso ODAS International Limited




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